November 24, 2015

Turkey Day Greetings

As the autumn breezes and holiday cheeses roll around once again, RPG cards are rich with the unique blend of family awkwardness and happy togetherness that only happens at Thanksgiving. And of course, our cards serve as a perfect reminder of what we’re all most thankful for.


Our Awkward Families

We can always count on being forced to relive the family’s greatest hits of holidays past. That time Uncle Bob got too drunk at dinner. The year you made the world’s worst sweet potato casserole and everyone fed it to the dog behind your back. We get it, Mom! Everyone just loves that picture of me in the homemade pilgrim costume that you made me wear 4 years in a row, even after I was 6 inches too tall and it stank like rotten cheese. It was just soooo adorable.

Awkward families for the win.

Pumpkin Pie

Grandma’s pumpkin pie. Is. Flawless. Sure, she can claim you aren’t “mature enough” to inherit the family recipe. Sure, she promises she’ll give it to you next year (again). But honestly, you know she’s right. That recipe might as well be a calculus equation you’ve long forgotten (f(p) = (pumpkin + butter) + 3x/love). No hard feelings Gram. I’ll still have a second slice (or third).


There’s nothing like posting up on the recliner with a full belly and a big screen. Dad gets a little rowdy (he’s a Bears fan) – but hey, at least he has spirit. Let’s just hope Aunt Bessy doesn’t   wear her Packer’s jersey and chant “Bears suck!” for the entirety of the second half… None of us can unsee that wrestling match.

Gobblin’ Turkey

Despite your cousin’s campaign for a vegetarian Thanksgiving, Turkey Day lives on. Even if the bird isn’t your favorite feast, it’s tradition. And carving into the first serving after a hard day’s work in the kitchen is always a victory. That is, if you cooked it right, Chef.


Stay hungry.

Stay thankful.

Happy I-Need-To-Unbutton-My-Pants-Now Day.