April 20, 2015

New! Beverage Napkins from RPG

So your friend throws a little shindig. You arrive and she pours you an ice-cold glass of lemonade, hopefully spiked with vodka. You take a sip, set it down, and your mind is blown.

Instead of on a traditional cardboard coaster, or a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store, you set your drink on a hilarious Recycled Paper Greetings beverage napkin. It makes you laugh so hard you snort, and you can’t help but take a picture for your Instagram.

You tag us, we like your photo, share it with the world, and you become an internet sensation! Just kidding - We do.

We at Recycled Paper Greetings are happy to announce beverage napkins as the newest addition of our product family. Each pack of 16 mirrors the designs of our top selling cards on eco-friendly paper with 2-ply tissue, meaning they’re good for your surfaces without being bad for the environment. A win-win!

Amusing, versatile, unique – all reasons why these 24 designs are perfect for any and every event! And although they’ll be sure to spark conversation, we cannot guarantee that you will become “Instafamous.” We can only hope.

These gems are rolling out to retailers across the nation so be sure to sift through some of the designs on our Product Showcase page.