May 1, 2015

Mother’s Day: 10 Things Only Moms Do

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th, which means it’s time to celebrate the women who brought us into the world (p.s. this should NOT be the only day you celebrate her).

Every day they do the impossible – they put up with us, still manage to love us and (hopefully) stay true to who they are. This Mother’s Day, let’s thank them for 10 things (among a million more) that only moms could and would do.


1. Write notes on your lunch bag or napkin to remind you how much they love you


2. Wear Mom jeans

Feel free to take her on a shopping spree this Mother’s Day to trade those bad boys in.

3. Leave voicemails longer than a minute (one of the rare few still using a phone to actually call people)


4. Like all of your Facebook statuses… literally, all of them


5. Send birthday cards to YOUR friends

Don’t forget to return the favor and send her a Mother’s Day card!

6. Sway side to side, shake her hips and snap her fingers... aka the Mom Dance


7. Use spit to clean off your face

Some fancy soaps and luxurious bath accessories might be a great gift this year (although we're hoping she doesn't do spit baths for herself...)

8. Have the authority to give answers like, “Because I said so!”


9. Make juggling a million tasks look easy… Every. Single. Day.

Be a good child and take a few tasks off her hands… whether it’s grocery shopping, doing the laundry, cleaning… Mom will be thankful. (It might literally be the least you can do.)

10. Love you unconditionally despite your attitude, laziness and flaws in general


What would we do without them? Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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