Behind The Card | Zombie Fever

October 15, 2015

Ready your bunker and prepare your (insert weapon of choice): zombies have taken over. Well, they haven’t literally taken over the world (yet) but they’ve definitely conquered the realms of entertainment and pop culture.

The zombie apocalypse is an age-old horror tale, one that’s never been proven true, yet the possibility still sits in the back of our minds. What would happen if zombies rose from the dead and sought vengeance on all of mankind? We let our brains wander and imaginations stir, as we create elaborate escape plans and  hefty survival kits, all while running crazy scenarios through our heads: “Do I fight the zombie or run away screaming? Will it hurt if they bite me? How fast do they run? Does my flesh melt if I’m touched? Should I save my roommate or my dog?” So many unanswered questions…

Hence the recent overflow of amazingly creepy and entrancing movies, TV shows, video games and greeting cards. See: The Walking Dead, World War Z, iZombie, Recycled Paper Greetings. (Did you really think we’d miss the zombie bandwagon? Come on…) We’re all just trying to figure it out.

This Halloween, Recycled Paper Greetings is dishing out the dead with an awesome assortment of zombie-inspired cards from our inventive family of independent artists. Each design is witty and punny, and most of them involve zombies losing limbs (or eating them). Find a retailer near you and send one to friends and family to get them in the eerie cheer this spooky season.

Still craving more of the living dead? Try one of these tutorials for zombie costume makeup, or this recipe for finger food at your Halloween bash. You can even go as far as to organize a good ol’ game of “Humans vs Zombies” too.

Happy Halloween!

**Publisher’s Note: The humor in these cards does not reflect the opinions of Recycled Paper Greetings or its affiliates. If any zombies take offense, bite us.

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