Behind The Card | Vicky Barone

Recycled Paper Greetings
November 19, 2011


Though she had a Master’s degree in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, Vicky knew something was missing from her life. After searching far and wide, she found her true calling – greeting cards.

When Vicky quit her job to pursue her design dreams, her family thought she was crazy. But after ten amazing years with Recycled Paper Greetings, they know she is indeed crazy, but they support her anyway.

Vicky loves the freedom and creativity that being an artist affords her. And it helps not having a "real" job. Fascinated by colors and patterns, Vicky has designed wrapping paper, web sites, mugs, plates, aprons and many other gift items.

Check out Vicky's work on her website here, and be sure to visit her blog for fun DIY ideas and more!

Fun Fact

Vicky used to take flying trapeze lessons. Since her family has moved to North Carolina, she has yet to find a local trapeze school. Thus, any thoughts of another drastic career change have been stymied.


Cary, NC

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