Behind The Card | Varda Livney

September 18, 2012


In a little corner of her little house in her tiny community at the foot of a tiny mountain in Israel, Varda Livney creates greeting cards, putters around and hacks up Ikea furniture to create things she likes better.

Her first artistic endeavor was a mural covering her entire bedroom wall when she was 10 years old. Though she has downsized her canvases since that first expansive piece, Varda loves that greeting cards are the perfect fit for her whimsically childlike and bright artwork, both stylistically and in literal size. “If they were any bigger I’d have to build a bigger house.”

Varda draws inspiration from her children and their sticky fingers, nature, innumerable websites and notable artists like Maurice Sendak and Keith Haring. Her work is also featured in children’s books, on tissues, t-shirts and notebooks.

She loves working with RPG (she has created almost 400 cards with us!), but she harbors a secret hope to exhibit her doodles at the MOMA, or that someone will develop a plan for world peace through doodling – her drawers are overflowing with little scraps of artwork to do the job.

See all of Varda's illustrations and products on her website here.


She has never owned a microwave.


Kibbutz Gezer, Israel

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