Behind The Card | Tundra by Chad Carpenter

November 19, 2011


Realizing early on that he had no other marketable talents, Chad traded in his security guard uniform and devoted himself to his comic strip, “Tundra.”

Selected by the National Cartoonists Society as the 2008 winner of the Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Panel, “Tundra” has been called the most successful self-syndicated news comic in history.

Chad draws inspiration from the Alaskan wilderness, describes his artistic style as quirky and disturbing, and his favorite color is the color of bacon. Yum!

See all of Chad's work on his website here.

Fun Fact

Proud to have avoided getting a real job for so many years, Chad loves the artistic freedom offered by greeting cards. Like Rodney Dangerfield, Chad says he still gets “No Respect.”


Wasilla, AK

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