Behind The Card | Susan Allen

Recycled Paper Greetings
November 19, 2011


Her imagination in high gear, Susan’s visualization process begins, and she shares with us the results of what it is to communicate with heart and humor.

Designed to make the most of the words she writes, Susan’s illustrations come from the heart. Her style is simple and to the point (once the creative voices in her head are in agreement): she puts herself in the situation of the sender and recipient to find the true voice of a greeting card occasion.

In 2009, Susan received her first Louie award for her heartfelt and beautiful laser-cut sympathy card. (It was Recycled Paper Greetings’s first Louie as well- Lucky us!)

To see more of Susan's work, visit her website here.

Fun Fact

When all the other kids went outside to play, Susan stayed inside and colored rainbows. She was destined to work in the greeting card world.


Lancaster, PA

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