Behind The Card | Studio 942

May 14, 2013


The ladies of Studio 942 didn’t need to go far to find their creative influences, or each other.

Jennifer Bradley and Kelly Stanley grew up on neighboring farms in the same small Indiana town of Ladoga. And, with parents involved in artistic careers, those creative influences were never more than an arm’s reach away.

Even though both have creative day jobs (they are graphic designers by trade), they still love the extra freedom found in greeting cards. “We don’t have any limitations,” Jennifer says. “If we want to try something new, we can.”

They find inspiration for those new ideas in trends, clothes, interior design and travel. Kelly has gone to Italy to take writing classes, and Jennifer is an international jetsetter several times a year for photography.

All their influences blend into a clean and modern sensibility with graphic elements, often accompanied by one of Jennifer’s photographs. But that doesn’t mean they agree on everything. Their stylistic similarities do not extend to color palettes – Jennifer tends toward classic hues like blacks, greys and browns, while Kelly gravitates toward quirky colors like lime greens, purples and oranges.


Jennifer’s home won an award for interior design and was featured in Indianapolis Monthly. Kelly had one of the top 5 scores in the nation on her SATs (we won’t hold that against her).


Indianapolis, IN

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