Behind The Card | Still Flaunting Fall

December 18, 2015

Just because the leaves have fallen doesn’t mean we say good riddance to all of our favorite autumn colors. Those rich fall hues, along with that floor-length puffy coat, might be all that keep you warm through the holidays and the long, dreary march to spring (aww…).

Think about how lonely those December and January birthdays must get with their “combo” gifts and parties. Not to mention how lonely January is on the whole. Don’t we all just need a little extra love in our post-holiday stupors?

Our top color choice for fending off the physical and emotional freeze? Marsala. Yeah, we see you and your dog in those matching maroon get-ups. No judgment – ironic or not, you’re gorgeous! That’s why we’ve added this shade everywhere – from our “Thinking of You” cards, to our “Happy birthday, beefcake” card... Plus, Maroon makes us think of wine, and wine makes us happy.

Can’t find time to grab that delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte or spray tan sesh with your bestie because you’ve spent all your time playing dress-up with your pup?  A PSL-inspired card in that burnt pumpkin-y orange will give her a longer lasting (and more authentic-looking) pick-me-up. Trust us; it’s better to keep that shade on paper…

And no glorious fall day is complete without a little splash of gold. The yellow tint of the corn maze, the gold on the leaves you tracked into the house, the excess butter in Mom’s infamous cookies… yum!  Share all those nostalgic warm fuzzies with a glowing, amber-toned RPG card. Plus, gold makes us think of wine, and wine makes us happy.

Let’s be honest, we’re kind of always thinking about wine.

So as autumn dwindles away and the trees rock their birthday suits, you can count on us to share these warm jewel tones with you until you move on, or, more likely, until pastels take over the world again in spring and you get lost in a dainty storm of lavender and sea foam green.  

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