Behind The Card | Stick World by Billy Attinger

November 19, 2011


After an auspicious artistic start vandalizing his birth certificate at the age of one, Bill Attinger started “Stick World” years later as a clothing line with an innovative marketing ploy. He used greeting cards to market the line to apparel buyers, sending cards every three weeks.

When it was time to expand, his next product line was already ready to go. The even bigger feat was that his first cards ended up as a 48-card line in Target, something he still can’t believe or remember how he pulled off.

Bill believes there is no greater activity in the world than playing with his kids…beach volleyball does come in as a close second, though.

His line has expanded quite a bit. To see all of Bill's work and products, visit his website here.

Fun Fact

Bill’s Stick World is inspired from the look of two cartoonists who couldn’t be more different: the classic, simplistic style of Charles Schultz and the zany humor of Gary Larson.


San Diego, CA

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