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May 19, 2014


Jenna Waldman’s love for greeting cards started when she began hand-making cards for her and her brother to give their parents and grandparents. Shortly after graduating college with a degree in industrial design, she started creating her own line of greeting cards when she couldn’t find the perfect card for her grandmother and her partner. Her line, Sarafina, is meant to have something for everyone.

Her studio is supposed to be the loft area at her Silicon Valley home. In reality… it’s wherever her laptop and/or sketchbook lands – the kitchen table, the bed, in the car while her 2-year-old baby is sleeping... 

She’s inspired by simple, everyday life. ‘The Fursey Shore’ card was inspired by her husband’s non-stop quoting of The Jersey Shore and his obsession with cats. ‘Honey Boo-Boo’ stemmed from the time she dropped a honey-bear while cleaning the kitchen, and… her husband quoting the show. (Please note Jenna would like to make it clear that she herself has never watched these shows herself).

To the talented artist, greeting cards aren’t supposed to be taken too seriously. “They’re an outlet for my addiction to puns, a way to poke fun at pop culture, and hopefully make others smile as well.”

Sarafina Design was also a finalist for the 2014 Louie Awards.

To follow Jenna and see all of the Sarafina Design collections, check out her blog.


“Sarafina” is a nickname Jenna’s great uncle gave her as a little girl, and continued to call her over the years. She has no idea where he came up with it, but her brother was nicknamed ‘Ichabod,’ so she says she can’t complain.


Cupertino, CA

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