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July 24, 2012


With a view overlooking the foothills in Boulder, Colorado, Robbin Rawlings never struggles for inspiration. Her backyard is a veritable menagerie of wildlife: foxes, butterflies, hummingbirds, mice, even mountain lions (there was only one, but it was “quite LARGE”). Andif there are no interesting critters running around, then there’s always the internet, landscape architecture and a wide array of design disciplines.

Robbin started her artistic career early – at 2 and a half years – with a circle full of scribbles she described to her mother as “snakes fighting.” Though she constantly experiments with new styles, there is always a “robbinish” essence: detailed, unique patterns – blend of joy, whimsy and (hopefully) a tiny twist of humor someplace – loose hand drawn pencil lines – unexpected color combinations.

In addition to her many artistic passions, Robbin loves gardening, camping, birding and traveling – especially when she gets to “slow down enough in a place to see what makes it special.” Her travels often include road trips without destinations, the only guidance being: let’s see who, where and what we discover today.

To learn more about Robbin and see her other pieces of work, visit her website here.


We couldn’t pick just one. Robbin says:
• for years, our daughter thought I invented raffia – isn’t that hilarious?
• our family is all very tall and we drive a mini cooper named LULA
• guinea pigs crack me up - oh wow, now I need to draw a guinea pig in a funky old car
• not a big fan of algebra
• I like using punctuation creatively


Boulder, CO

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