Behind The Card | Robbie Long

November 19, 2011


Robbie Long’s famous loose-lined images started only as doodles that helped spur the creative process while he was trying to compose melodies. Little did he know that those images, photocopied and sold in local stores, would lead him to Recycled Paper Greetings.

Though he describes his work as obvious and cryptic, it might make more sense to just call it “off the wall.”

His inspiration comes from a variety of sources including long hikes in the wilderness, being stuck in traffic jams, looking at a blank page or just listening to what people say. When Robbie’s not working on greeting cards, he spends his time on his musical about dogs. He figures “Cats” has nothing on man’s best friend.

Fun Fact

Robbie’s hidden claim to fame is that he has written songs for musical greats including Whitney Houston and Kenny Rogers.


Los Angeles, CA

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