Behind The Card | Raspberries

November 19, 2011


Dennis Schmidt and Jim Byrne of Raspberries say they fell into the greeting card business more than they broke into it.

Working together at a local business in Madison, Wisconsin, they discovered that Jim’s sense of humor fit perfectly with Dennis’s cartoon skills and thought there was no better way to combine them than through greeting cards. Dennis found himself excelling in finger paints and macaroni noodle portraits by age 3 – a solid foundation for his skills as a graphic artist. Ironically, Jim got his start writing poetry in high school (he describes the humor of Raspberries as sophomoric sophistication). The perfect pair.

If Dennis wasn’t an artist, he would be an airline pilot, mostly to hear himself on the loudspeaker say, “Ahh… Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.” Jim would be in sales because he loves interacting with people.

Check out all of their hilarious designs here.

Fun Fact

When not creating together, Dennis enjoys winter sports, scuba diving and generally just pointing at things (hmm?), while Jim fantasizes about driving the Weinermobile through a Civil War reenactment.


Madison, Wi

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