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January 7, 2014


When she was little, Penny Eversole used to make EVERYTHING out of paper. Even shoes. And then she laminated it all in scotch tape. She filled notebooks trying to perfect drawings and kept a greeting-card-making kit as a staple of her toy bin.

Her adult career started in the graphic design world, but even then she still designed cards on the side for her mom’s tea shop.

Penny finds inspiration in many places – old books, typography and signage, fabric and textiles. Not to mention a great piece of advice she heard constantly from her mom: We can make that. “A money-saver and confidence builder in one."

Her main hobby outside of greeting cards is building Legos with her first-grader and keeping her 16-month-old from eating them. But eventually, she will find time to work her other loves back in, like cooking, interior design, drawing and other crafty stuff. Penny also thinks she might have been a lizard in a past life because “sitting in the sun on a rock all day sounds like a dream.”

See all of Penny's work on her website here.


Penny helped make the world’s largest margarita – in a cement mixer. Cheers!


Seattle, WA (formerly a Chicago-area native)

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