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June 29, 2012


With a lot of fun and a little whimsy, philoSophie’s mastermind Joanna Alberti creates illustrations that reflect her happy-go-lucky style inspired mainly by friends, family and even many of her clients.

A native of Rochester, NY, Joanna was a lover of art class at a very young age. After exploring every type of creative medium throughout school, Joanna started philoSophie’s by going door to door to tiny boutiques in Boston with about a dozen cards inside a pink sales kit. The main character of Joanna’s philoSophie’s illustrations is a fabulous personality named Sophie. Sophie confidently imparts humorous and motivating thoughts on life, friendship, love and the power of positive thinking, while wearing a pair of high heels with her signature red lipstick.

Joanna’s work is featured on accessories, textiles and giftware in addition to her popular stationery products. Her favorite thing about greeting cards? They’re short and sweet but pack a message that makes people smile.

When she is not working away in her studio in Spencerport, NY, Joanna loves journaling, and a combination of doodling and daydreams.

See all of Joanna's work and shop her products here.

Fun Fact

If Joanna could collaborate with any creative person she would like it to be fellow artist, Mary Engelbreit, who she says has always inspired her with her art and business savvy.


Spencerport, NY

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