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September 15, 2015

Mark & Kate Polyblank are a creative duo – married for 21 years (oh my, that long?!) and together they have created the world of Pets Rock, where pets meet celebrity in a quirky mash up of pop culture, cos play and pets. 

“We photograph our models, usually in the comfort of their own homes, and then Mark draws all of the rest on the computer- that’s hair, clothes, make up, accessories, all illustrated in crazy detail.  We don’t dress them up for real silly!”

While Mark does the photoshopping, Kate runs the business side, licensing the artwork into apparel, homewares, calendars, wall art, greetings cards and much more.  

Pets Rock launched in 2008 and their designs can now be seen in over 78 countries. With more than 75 characters in the Pets Rock world and many more waiting to be let off the leash, fans are never far from one of their pop culture pets. 

Mark and Kate grew up in the West Country of England.  They met at school (how sweet). They currently share their home and sofa with a couple of the Pets Rock models Minnie and Barty. Minnie is the ultimate miniature Diva, who bosses everyone around, and Barty is known to the neighbors as Fat Ralph and believes there can never be enough food…. We agree.

Mark and Kate live in London with their kids and menagerie.

FUN FACT: Kate lived on a farm where at one time there were 13 cats. Mark worked on a farm with a tame sheep called Piggy who would come running when you called his name. 

Visit the Pets Rock website to see more of these cute little creatures!


London, UK

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