Behind The Card | Paper Loop

March 1, 2012


The moment Sara Jane Franklin put on her Oshkosh B’Gosh painter overalls, she knew that she would one day be an artist.

Creating Paper Loop should have been a natural step for her after her five year career as a graphic designer, but she explains the initial revelation hit her “like a ton of bricks.” When her then partner (now husband) suggested it, Sara immediately said “YES! Of course!” and started drawing and sketching out her very first collection of cards. Since then, Paper Loop has blossomed into a colorful and playful brand, which Sara says is a true reflection of her own personal style.

To see Sara's designs or to purchase cards directly from Paper Loop, visit their website here!

Fun Fact

Sara relishes in capturing “animals and people in unexpected ways” through her whimsical cards. Her inspiration mainly comes from her three cats- Sebastian, Mr. Mint, and Cinnamon- all of whom are leaders at Paper Loop, overseeing the Project Management and Order Fulfillment teams.


Los Angeles, CA

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