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November 14, 2014

Take note: buying cool greeting cards will make you fall in love and start your own business. Ok, results might not be typical, but that’s what happened to Joel and Lauren of Old Tom Foolery studio in Minneapolis. When the couple started dating in grad school circa 2003, they tried to outdo each other by finding the coolest greeting cards around (we still don’t know who won).

What started as friendly competition became a career reality in 2005 when they purchased a letterpress on Craigslist. From that point on, Joel and Lauren have been designing the witty and sarcastic greeting cards Old Tom Foolery is known for. Their most popular design? Old Tom newspaper cards with hilarious fake headlines: “Report: Gluten-free Birthday Cake Tastes Like Crap,” and “Super-cute Birthday Selfie Photobombed By Some Random Creeper.”

The duo didn’t always know greeting cards were their calling, but both had an early interest in business — Lauren sold clay figurines to kids on the school bus, while Joel was writing, directing and acting in videos during eighth grade. They keep their creative juices flowing by trying new things and exploring new places. “It’s amazing how even everyday things can be interesting when you’re in a new environment.” But ultimately, they’re passionate about making people laugh. And we appreciate that. Thanks guys!

Fun fact:

Both Joel and Lauren dream of opening a food-related booth at the Minnesota State Fair. And who would they invite to dine with them? Barack Obama, Dave Eggers, Paul Rudd and hopefully us (cuz that sounds like fun!)


Minneapolis, MN

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