Behind The Card | Offensive + Delightful by Olga Krigman

November 19, 2011


Olga Krigman’s artistic expression began as a young child, when she could be found dancing, drawing, singing and, she says, generally making a fool of herself. She broke into greeting cards on a lark – while running a boutique design firm, she decided to try designing cards during a street fair and ended up loving it, which eventually led her to the Recycled Paper Greetings family a little more than a year ago. Greeting cards provide Olga instant gratification – she loves the immediacy of the message and the quickness of the connection. When asked about the inspiration for her art, she strongly emphasizes that it is mostly driven by the need not to work for anyone else. Outside of working, Olga enjoys anything that has to do with art museums, films, literature and, of course, spending time with her son.

Fun Fact

Although she wouldn’t admit it to anyone, except maybe her 5-year old son, Olga’s true vice is cheesy VH1 reality TV shows.


Los Angeles, CA

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