Behind The Card | Morrow: Skip Morrow

November 19, 2011


Skip Morrow says if he wasn't an artist, he'd be institutionalized.

“I honestly can’t remember when I did not find pleasure in rearranging things around me or feeling excitement if I created something new.”

Skip feels blessed to have always made a living in the arts, first in music and then in visual mediums when cartoons took over at age 30. You can find his work pretty much everywhere- on billboards, subway posters, mugs, t-shirts, calendars, posters, hats, bags, and... you get the jist.

His 1980 book, The Official I Hate Cats Book, was a New York Times Bestseller for two years, which led to his work in greeting cards. You can find all of Skip's work on his website here.

Fun Fact

Music is Skip’s first passion. He and his wife still perform at local restaurants twice a week. “Singing and playing guitar or piano is a rush that I can’t get any other way,” he says.


Wimington, VT

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