Behind The Card | Mooning Duck by EMP Media

November 19, 2011


Having dreamed of working in a place where an artist’s unique talents could flourish,Rich Warwick founded EMP Media in 2001. In addition to creating the Mooningduck brand for Recycled, EMP designs appear on a variety of products, from page-a-day calendars to film posters and music CDs. Jim Sola is the principle illustrator and designer for EMP.  A graduate of The University of Kansas, Jim’s versatility and talent has been recognized with numerous Louie Award nominations, including a first place win for Best Humorous Christmas Card, 2007. Unaware their futures would merge, Rich started on his creative path by writing and illustrating short stories as a kid; while Jim was the staff cartoonist for the high school newspaper. Both Rich and Jim draw their inspiration from their children, who selfishly insist on eating and being clothed.

Fun Fact

Their love of greeting cards stems from the ability to make people laugh and forget their troubles. They were slightly shocked to realize a six-pack of beer can do the same thing. Thankfully, greeting cards don’t make you pee – unless you’re laughing really hard.


Kansas City, MO

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