Behind The Card | Maria Scrivan

August 14, 2015

Every kid likes to doodle, but only the lucky ones grow up to make doodling their full time job. Maria Scrivan is one of those lucky kids.

She’s been drawing cartoons and making greeting cards for friends and family ever since she was able to hold a crayon. Now she’s all grown up, with a home studio in Stamford, CT, complete with high ceilings, bright turquoise walls and THREE assistants! (They’re animals, so they don’t actually work, persay, but they do provide endless inspiration…)

Those early childhood cartoon panels led to her now daily comic, “Half Full” on GoComics, and have easily translated into greeting cards. Cue our entrance! Her colorful, humorous and energetic style effortlessly makes people laugh and want to share, which is one of the reasons why she loves making cards so much.

“I love that they are delivered in person or by mail. In a world of text and Facebook messages, a card is more meaningful than ever.”


Aside from creating cards, Maria has completed TWO Ironman Triathlons, and enjoys running and cycling in between writing and drawing.  Yep, she’s a go-getter, and that probably stems from the best advice she’s ever received: “Never give up.”

FUN FACT: Maria hopes to one day run a marathon on the Great Wall of China. #goals

To see more of Maria’s work, visit her website or check out Half Full on GoComics!


Stamford, CT

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