Behind The Card | Leslie Kolk: Oh My Word

November 26, 2011


As a recovering ad writer, Leslie Kolk uses only the truth to express herself, no matter how dark and borderline-inappropriate it may be.

Leslie’s “Oh My Word” designs are minimal and honest because “nothing is stranger or funnier than the truth.” She regularly strikes gold by taking people’s words out of context, but she’s still trying to figure out how to make “irony” a color. Most likely, you’ll find her eavesdropping at Starbucks or on the New York subway.

Should people say what they are thinking even if it hurts? “Especially if it hurts,” Leslie says and “Oh My Word” says exactly what you’ve always wanted to – but couldn’t. To see more of Leslie's designs, visit her "Oh My Word" website here!

Fun Fact

Despite being unable to remember birthdays, Leslie has been called an “exceptional” gift wrapper. But don’t get your hopes up—she’s also a self-proclaimed horrible shopper.


Pearl River, NY

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