Behind The Card | John Caldwell

November 19, 2011


John creates from a cluttered little room in his rural home. He first revealed his talent in Sister Lucien’s first-grade class with a hand-drawn Christmas window display of inappropriately attired Magi.

In addition to his work with Recycled Paper Greetings since the mid-90s, John also contributes to MAD magazine and other publications. If ever he needs a new occupation, John thinks he might hit the carnival circuit as a dunk-tank clown. John modestly describes his artistic style as competently semi-professional without being too garishly skillful, but he puts a good dose of love and joy into every anatomically incorrect line he draws.

His website includes almost everything you'd want to know about the guy, so check it out.

Fun Fact

John finds inspiration in the positive effects of coffee.


Ballston Lake, NY

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