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March 11, 2014


It all started with a sex board game… from a church volunteer.

Christi Scofield started Icebreaker Entertainment with an idea for a sexy board game. That first game led to multiple brands offered on a variety of products – including greeting cards. A far cry from her creative start: special time for meditation and reflection in a room with no toys after decorating her parents’ wall with crayons.

Living in New York, Christi has the luxury of being surrounded by inspiration – from masters at the Met and Guggenheim, to street graffiti artists, to contemporary galleries in Chelsea. She takes in all this inspiration and cranks out fun, bold, and expressive artwork with positive messaging and a quirky, flirty and slightly edgy sense of humor.

Christi also loves all things French, painting (currently on a pop art bent), hosting too many parties (where is our invite?) and has what she calls an “unfortunate” bacon fetish (we doubt this is even possible.)

She might have been a Smurf in a past life, but we don’t have access to those types of files, so we’ll just have to trust her instincts on this one.

See all Sassy Slang products and other Icebreaker Entertainment brands here.


In addition to her husband of five years, Christi cohabitates with her palm tree named Spike and money tree named Benjamin.


Manhattan, NY

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