Behind The Card | Hooray for the Underdog

June 8, 2015

We all like to root for the unlikely candidate… the one who surprises everyone… the underdog.

For Janet and Joe, their love of the underdog came from a desire to do something for the greater good. Back in 1992, they decided they wanted to make a difference in the way people looked at throwaway dogs, because with a little love they become your best friend.

They contacted animal shelters and rescue organizations throughout Dallas and offered to take photos of stray pups in hopes of finding them loving homes. They soon realized these pictures would make for really great greeting cards, because who wouldn’t smile at a Pug dressed like a bumblebee? And thus, Hooray for the Underdog was born.

Joe and Janet strive to create “beautiful images that encourage responsible treatment of animals & celebrate the underdog,” because working with these dogs and making a difference are the most rewarding parts of their job. Not to mention that greeting cards help connect you with the people you love!

When they aren’t in the studio, Joe enjoys flying (he has his pilot’s license!), web design and squash, and Janet loves horseback riding and interior design. Something else you might find interesting?  Joe thinks he was an Italian chef in a past life, while Janet was the ringleader of a circus. We hope to be invited to their next spaghetti dinner, as long as the puppies can come too!

FUN FACT: Janet and Joe adopted their Jack Russell Terrier from the first group of stray dogs they photographed. So sweet!


Dallas, TX

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