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June 19, 2015

In a sun-filled Victorian overlooking San Francisco, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle craft whimsical, colorful and trendiful (yes, we make up words for alliteration’s sake) greeting cards. It all began when Eunice, acting on her infamous crafting impulse, bought a vintage Vandercook printing press on eBay.

Over a decade later, this sister duo continues to build their Hello!Lucky business empire while their studio dogs, Indie and Simon, curl up on the sofa, snoozing and, occasionally, farting. And Eunice’s daughter Imogen (age 1) intermittently totters in to show off something sparkly. 

From the moment she could pick up a pencil, Eunice was drawing, and Sabrina (the younger sister) shamelessly imitated her sister with her own overflowing creativity and imagination. And that inventive dance continues today… “We change our illustration style as often as a teenage girl changes her outfit,” they say.

When they’re not anthropomorphizing everything from bananas to unicorns (p.s. a unicorn and a blue footed booby are their spirit animals: a-ma-zing!), Sabrina is an avid reader and writer, and loves hanging out with her three hilarious, inspiring and exasperating kids.  “They are unwittingly helping me establish my credentials in my bid for sainthood.” Meanwhile, Eunice is the Leonardo Da Vinci of crafting – she does everything from knitting, to silk-screening, to sewing on a regular (ahem…compulsive) basis.  

Fun fact: Eunice is a terrible letter writer, and Sabrina has the handwriting of a serial killer. Oh, the irony!

Follow along with all of the Moyle adventures on the Hello!Lucky blog. This summer, you can find their cards at a Target near you


San Francisco, CA

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