Behind The Card | Heather Manning

November 19, 2011


Heather’s unique artistic style can only be described as “painterly, computer and whimsical.” Visually, Heather finds inspiration everywhere. She’s loved drawing since she was a kid and will likely retain her youthful mindset when others have grown old and grouchy.

Heather likes greeting cards because they are all about her personal style – short and sweet. She began designing greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings ten years ago, or maybe it was fifteen years ago. It’s been such a hoot, she’s lost track of time. One day she hopes to collaborate with the funniest person she knows – her sister.

Her favorite colors are periwinkle, red, orange and hot pink, and “diverse yet simple” is her motto.

Fun Fact

When asked to tell something about herself we’d find surprising, Heather replied, “I once lived with John Tesh. Wait… does it have to be true?”


Tampa, FL

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