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November 20, 2012


Combining everyday humor with patterns from around the world, Hard Cards is the perfect formula for a witty sentiment with an eye catching look.

As the brainchild of the awesomest duo ever, Stacey Rifkin and her co-founder Randi Picarelli acknowledge that creativity has been a part of their personas from the get-go. A self-proclaimed ham growing up, Rifkin accredits humor to defining her style as a writer. “I am constantly jotting down notes as to things I think are funny, or bizarre, or awkward!”

With a unique play on prints and snarky sentiments, Hard Cards was created while looking for a fun card to send a friend of theirs who “likes his liquor.” The two comrades realized they could probably write something much funnier. The inspiration bore the creation of 31 cards written in one night. The first Hard Cards card from that epic day is still one of their best sellers. The card outside reads, “Wanted to get you exactly what you need on your birthday.” Inside reads, “But rehab is expensive.”

Rifkin loves the feeling a card can give someone. “We all have different lives and come from different places, but ultimately we have similar experiences- and when I see people laughing hysterically when reading one of my cards, I feel happy. Like I had a bit of an inside joke in their lives for just a moment.”

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A huge world traveler, in four years alone, Rifkin has visited: Costa Rica, Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau, Germany and Tanzania, Africa. Her idea of the greatest thing ever would be to close her eyes, spin a globe, point to a random spot, and buy a plane ticket that night. Take us with you!!


Los Angeles, CA

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