Behind The Card | Furry Friends

November 6, 2012

Let’s face it… we treat our pets like people. We hold embarrassingly long conversations with them. Dress them up in tutus and sweater sets and monogrammed booties. Buy them birthday presents as if they had any conception of time besides Eat, Sleep and Play o’clock. The term “rational” doesn’t really apply when it comes to our pets, but then again…when is love ever rational?

Never one to deny love, Recycled Paper Greetings has long employed pet photography to help you celebrate all your people moments. Candid pics of pet goofiness provide endless punch line fodder, blending charming cuteness with hilarious antics. Human accessories – a fake eyelash here, a tiara there – strike just the right note of silly irony, while strumming the heartstrings of all you pet-dresser-uppers out there.

But you can’t just take pictures of pets and call it a day. Well, maybe you can…pets really are that cute. But, Recycled Paper Greetings works with artists that truly take pet photography to the next level. Whether it’s the perfect panting moment, the dramatic tilt of a well-groomed muzzle, or just a playful game of “this is my stick,” Recycled Paper Greetings captures pets in a way that somehow makes your moments more human.

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