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October 14, 2014


Frank is a little French bulldog who thinks he’s human (he’s not...) and has a really big heart (that part is true). His main goal in life is to make humans smile, and since he’s not allowed to venture more than a block from his house, his cards help him do that.

Frank and his owner Kate Smith work out of their home in Lafayette, IN, where Frank enjoys “trolling for hot bitches, rolling on dead birds, raccoon poop and anything else that smells really, really bad.” Kate works as a graphic designer by day, and spends the rest of her time drinking lattes, dreaming of joining Cirque du Soleil and expressing her immature sense of humor through Frank. As far as inspiration goes, she doesn’t look much further than him, (“He has such an expressive face and he does the funniest things!”) and Frank just loves to makes humans happy in general.

So how did Kate’s imitations of Frank end up on our greeting cards? An extra push from her boss helped, but what she really wanted was for people to come home to a card that gave them the same feeling she gets when Frank is waiting for her at the door. How sweet! And how does Frank feel about all of this? “I like seeing my face on them. I'm really, really good looking.” Truth.

See more of Frank and his friends on his website.


Kate has always wanted to visit Australia (aka where Cirque du Soleil trains), and Frank would like to go on a Wednesday trash run with his friend Peanut, touring the neighborhood and eating the best part of people's trash.


Lafayette, IN


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