Behind The Card | Find it in the Font

March 1, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, it’s best not to overdo it.  Keep it simple, stupid…right?

Well, Recycled Paper Greetings has embraced that mantra with the subtle complexities that accompany typography. Utilizing the barrenness of a solid page with only type, artists such as Oh My Word and Ripe Cards have put the emphasis in greeting cards back on the written word. Stark text with no accompaniment leaves no room for debate – the humor is the star. And it’s brutal, with sturdy, bold fonts to match.

But even typography can benefit from accessories. Simple text finds a friend in the unadorned photography of Spilled Ink Press designs. Their combined simplicity resulting in more than the sum of its parts, while chaotic graffiti and intricate flourishes in some our newest designs redirect emphasis back on text with their drastic contrast.

Whether the text stands on its own or with the strategic incorporation of color or photography, the conclusion is simple: typography is the greeting card’s unsung hero.

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