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May 7, 2015

Way, way west, surrounded by trees and slugs, Heather Abbott sits in her Portland, Oregon studio and tries to be funny. She does this by creating witty greeting cards for her line, Finch & Hare.

When Heather was young, she often came up with skits or songs to perform for her parents in their version of the “Gong Show.” Once her act became too long, they would bang on cookie sheets with spoons, and she’d have to come up with another skit – thus enhancing her ability to react quickly and use her imagination.

“I know now this game was more of an excuse for them to sit on the couch, but it did give me a push to think differently on my feet.”

With quips being her strong suit (something she realized after a “friend” said she was bad at storytelling…), her cards read clever one-liners on the front, like “You are just so old.” But, then you open them up, accordion style, to read what she REALLY means: “You are just so youthful. And good-looking too, I’m sure you’ve been told.” They’re unique and fun while remaining snarky and humorous – much like Heather.

When she isn’t creating cards for Finch & Hare, she’s enjoying time with her husband and two kids, building a new home, and endlessly pursuing a way to make games of Candy Land and Go Fish more interesting.

Our advice: Follow your parents lead and bang on things until it ends.

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Heather speaks Hungarian, and out of anywhere in the world, she would like to visit Transylvania. “For real.”


Portland, Oregon

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