Behind The Card | Eva Szela

November 2, 2012


Maybe it’s at two in the morning. Maybe at noon. Eva Szela never knows when the creativity may hit. It just happens. “I can just ‘be’ in my life and be willing to stop and be with that butterfly of creativity when it dances through my space.”

Eva loves that greeting cards connect her to the world in small, but important, ways; they give her the opportunity to facilitate interactions between and among people. “I’m grateful to have found in Recycled Paper Greetings a company that celebrates creativity and finds ways to work with artists utilizing the full breadth of talent available to them.”

Her artistic life has also allowed her to live a slightly nomadic life – moving to the places most people only get to visit, like near the beach in Del Mar, in a quaint mountain village in the San Jacintos in Southern California. Most recently, she hangs her hat in a tiny historic mining town in Arizona, full of architecture from the early 1900s and authentic ghost tours. But, she says she’s beginning to miss the water…


In Bisbee, where Eva lives, many houses are accessible only by climbing stairs. Thousands of stairs.


Bisbee, AZ

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