Behind The Card | Drawing a Fine Line

December 21, 2012

You may find this a little hard to believe, but much of the illustration created in the twentieth century was painstakingly rendered by dipping something called a “pen nib” into a liquid sedime¬nt historians call “ink” and then dragging the inky nib across a parchment known as “paper.” While this sounds exhausting, the resulting artwork tends to look pretty darn fancy. 

Today’s designers can add just the right touch of vintage panache to their work without enduring the repetitive stress injuries that plagued so many mid-century illustrators. Our retro Mad Libs cards will take you back to a bygone era and fond memories of __________ (adjective) word substitutions. A playfully inappropriate conversation between co-workers is even more unexpected in contrast to their traditionally illustrated setting. But not all of our vintage illustration cards feature artwork from the past. Designers like Paper Parasol Press utilize pixels and vectors to create fresh new interpretations of classic draftsmanship that harken back to those simpler times.

When Recycled Paper Greetings combines today’s unexpected, original humor to distinguished, vintage illustration, our cards make the moment even more classic.

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