Behind The Card | Dented Can Greetings

March 1, 2012


Early on in life, Chaya Herman recognized she had a passion for greeting cards. Wanting to create something different than the typical sappy, generic cards, the designer was inspired to “express the real truth” about the outside world.  Chaya realized she had had her fill of lousy cards that didn’t reflect any true sentiments and took matters into her own hands by creating Dented Can.

Her card designs are centered on the ideal of being honest, self-centered, and funny, mainly because “they have to do with the relationships between people, real or imagined,” a truth she feels is necessary for the card aisle. She describes her artistic style as being “Matisse meets Janine Garafolo”- whimsical, bright and bold. How fun!

See these brutally honest cards on her website here.

Fun Fact

If she wasn’t an artist she would love to be “one of those people on the travel channel who travel and eat and talk about it.” Another option she declares is “a trust fund baby…if that spot is open.”


Nyack, NY

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