Behind The Card | Dawn Zero Erickson

November 19, 2011


Dawn experiments with color, lines and symbols to create simple, handmade effects. She believes greeting cards bring fine art into the average person’s life.

From the age of nine, while the rest of us were learning multiplication tables, Dawn knew she wanted to be an artist. Inspired by everything from dime stores to roadside shrines, Dawn’s informal design aesthetic is achieved using a variety of techniques and a passion for sharing beauty. Dawn prefers working at her dining room table while listening to audio books as her kittens try to drink her paint water and steal brushes.

See all of Dawn's fabulous work on her website.

Fun Fact

Originally a textile designer in New York City, Dawn decided to move to Minnesota and design greeting cards. She has produced mini works of art for Recycled Paper Greetings since 1983.


Red Wing, MN

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