Behind The Card | Colette Gorgas

October 2, 2012


Art has always been the one thing that never wavered for Colette Gorgas, the thing she needed to have in her life. She started with watercolor paintings and eventually felt a “whisper in her heart – seriously” to start submitting her work as greeting cards. "I love using Illustrator & Photoshop along with painting & photography to come up with new looks and ways of expressing myself."

Working in different mediums allows for the many aspects of her personality to show – sometimes lighthearted and simple, sometimes sophisticated and sometimes laugh-out-loud silly. “I love to see people happy, smiling & enjoying life, and I'd like to say this mixture of qualities comes out in my art."

Colette’s multi-faceted personality shows in her activities outside the studio as well – spending time with her family, photography, home decorating and cooking (if she wasn’t an artist, she’d try for the Next Food Network Star). And since moving to New England, Colette has fallen in love with taking bike rides, exploring restaurants and visiting the breathtaking beaches New England has to offer. Follow Colette on all of her journies by visiting her blog.


She was an extra in Weird Al Yankovic's movie, UHF, her junior year of high school.


Shrewsbury, MA (outside Boston)

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