Behind The Card | Chris Lyles

August 6, 2012


In between landscaping, exercising, traveling, teaching and spending time with family, Chris Lyles still manages to have enough time to make greeting cards. Chris describes his work as loose, playful and expressive, relying heavily on traditional methods while experimenting with different media to keep his work fresh and less labored. “I draw most of my inspiration from my students. Watching them work freely without the fear of criticism has inspired me to take greater risks and to work outside of my comfort zone,” Chris says.

Currently Chris is pursuing his MFA in illustration at the University of Hartford, “I’m seeking to discover more about myself while exploring new avenues and markets to exploit my work.” However, Chris loves that greeting cards reach so many people. “Greeting cards are, and always have been, a powerful form of expression,” Chris says.

Ten years later at Recycled Paper Greetings, Chris still feels ecstatic when his designs are picked to be used as a greeting card. See all of his artwork here.


Chris draws his inspiration from Basquiat. “His ability to break images down to their bare essentials, while staying true to his artistic voice is most inspiring,” Chris says.


Suburban Connecticut

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