Behind The Card | Carla Ventresca

February 20, 2013


“I was definitely one of those kids drawing all over everything. I think that’s when my mom started covering the couches in plastic, like every good Italian woman did back then.”

In 1993, Carla Ventresca took her creative expression from the couch to a small line of handmade cards she sold in local shops, eventually leading her to distribute across the United States and then Canada and the United Kingdom.

Known for her whimsically weird cartoon characters and doodles inspired by comic strips, Carla aims to make her audience laugh while also communicating a meaningful message. “I love making people happy…and allowing them to express what they really feel to someone.”

Carla lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband Henry where they own VB Creative Partners (although she is pretty sure she would have been a cheese farmer in another life).


“There is a character in a Dan Brown novel named after me. The villain no less!”


Toronto, Canada

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