Behind The Card | Cards by Ron and Joe

November 19, 2011


Don’t look for Recycled Paper Greetings’ artists Ron and Joe in Southern California’s surfing crowd. Although they live in that sunny setting, they’d rather order surf and turf than participate in it.

Ron and Joe’s self-described schizophrenic style with the occasional touch of the warm and fuzzy draws its inspiration from Monty Python, kids jokes, funny body parts and, of course, Laurence Olivier. If they weren’t great greeting card artists, Ron and Joe believe they would be great South American dictators or, more hopefully, something fun like Sophia Loren’s brassiere.

To see more Ron and Joe products and to watch their mini-movie, visit their website here.

Fun Fact

In his spare time, Ron spends time on his photography and sharpens his wit by sharing jokes with his son, Oliver. Joe prefers to make the most of his free time by going cow tipping (which is difficult since most cows can’t find work as waiters in this economy).


Santa Ana, CA

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