Behind The Card | Brian Burns

June 10, 2013


In another life, Brian Burns thinks he might have been a schoolboy at Eton, but in this life, he writes greeting cards that “convey the heart’s feelings in as few words as possible.”

The impetus for this career path sprang from two Father’s Day ads Brian wrote that were received well. A couple of years later, he added to his repertoire and started his own greeting card company, which eventually led to his relationship with RPG.

Brian’s work space is simple: desk, chair, computer, cell phone, paper and pen. And an iPod dock. He loves editing his writing, searching for the perfect word and then imagining the connection each card creates. Outside of writing greeting cards, Brian enjoys Zen, Taoism and poetry – interests that often overlap, he says.


Brian is a self-declared, undeniable and maniacal candy-buyer. (We did not inquire further as to what exactly constitutes a maniacal candy-buying habit. #SugarRush) 


Minneapolis, MN

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