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March 1, 2012


After repeatedly hearing “Oh my goodness, how cute,” Lindsay Bruno and Michele Mikeska are convinced that owning a greeting card company might be the “world’s cutest profession.”

Fate brought these ladies together when they met at an ad agency in 2009, and they quickly became friends after realizing they shared a similar sense of humor and childhood dream of owning a greeting card company. But despite being surrounded by greeting cards, they claim that they are not punctual, “we send birthday cards late!”

They describe their style as J. Crew’s naughty little sister, and if they weren’t artists, Michele would be a mermaid and Lindsay would be a back-up dancer for Salt-n-Pepa. Inside jokes may not be able to save the world, but they aren't afraid to give it a try! “This place is a mess, but an inside joke between you and your friend is a connection like no other, and that’s what we aim to create.”

Check out their awesome cards here.

Fun Fact

When not using the inspiration they get from Oprah to create greeting cards, Lindsay sharpens swords and Michele swallows them.


New York, NY

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