Behind The Card | Bev Guhl: Whoopee

November 19, 2011


Comparing herself to a crazy person who doesn’t need medication, Bev Guhl sees humor in everything—even when others don’t. She brings energy and hyper-realism to every card. Her love of people and pets inspires her to make her photographs as fun as possible. 

Bev is also known for creating humor books like “Cats are Better than Men,” a title with which no one can really argue. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her puppies, spending time with her husband and visiting her three grandkids, not necessarily in that order.

Fun Fact

To the initial dismay of her mother, Bev began expressing herself when she was about 2 ½ years old by creating “etchings” in the family furniture with a straight pin borrowed from a sewing drawer.


Austin, TX

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