Behind The Card | Barry Gott: Smalltower Greetings

November 19, 2011


Barry Gott has worked in greeting cards since 1996, having broken into it because “the night guard goes for coffee at 3 am. They never lock the skylight.”

He works from a “chair in an attic in Cleveland,” and, although he says the chair is the nicest of the three, his friends are still envious of his open Pajamas and Beer policy.

He cites his two biggest inspirations are deadlines and poverty, and his undeniable wit and style extend beyond the world of greeting cards into children’s book illustrating. Check out all of Barry's work here.

Fun Fact

If Barry couldn’t be an artist, he says “I would be a reverse mime, standing still and shouting descriptions of the glass box surrounding me.” LOL.


Cleveland, OH

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