Behind The Card | Awkward Family Photos

February 15, 2012


Mike Bender and Doug Chernack have truly mastered spreading awkwardness to millions of people around the world.

Awkward Family Photos began when Mike saw his mother hanging an awkward vacation photo at his parents’ home, which sparked the idea to launch a website where everyone could share their uncomfortable family moments. Since then, Awkward Family Photos has migrated to books, calendars, board games, apparel, scrapbooks and greetings cards (with Recycled Paper Greetings, naturally).

When outside the studio, Mike and Doug enjoy going to the card store to make sure their designs have good placement.  If not, the cards surreptitiously find themselves in a new location upon Mike and Doug’s departure…or their mothers move them. If they had gone in a direction other than Awkward Family Photos, Mike and Doug would have liked to follow in the footsteps of Banksy. (Just Google him.) Banksy could not be reached for comment on this compliment.

If you'd like to laugh at some awesomely awkward photos, just check out their website here.

Fun Fact

Mike and Doug have also been screenwriters for the past decade. They would love to collaborate with Pixar, because in everything Pixar does, story comes first. And, well, who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Pixar? #TRUTH


Los Angeles, CA

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