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May 7, 2015

Ileana Grimm is her name and making people smile is her aim… And she hits the bull’s-eye every time (we’re smiling just thinking about her cards). Her ability to find humor in every situation and her love of a good pun make her a girl after our own heart. There’s definitely nothing grimm (ha!) about these cards.

Ileana lives in Toronto, Canada, where she works at Grimm headquarters and in “the coolest space ever” a.k.a. her painting studio on the third floor of her home. But while she’s stationed in Ontario, the painter extraordinaire says she has always dreamed of traveling to Peru.

Even though she’s yet to make it Peru, she’s definitely had an interesting journey thus far. For the past 27 years, Ileana has used her colorful, humorous pop art style (and her paintbrush) to bring art and laughter together, making “people smile with the eyes and their mouth.” And she’s been drawing inspiration from Kliban, David Shrigely and Keith Haring all along the way.

And just who would she bring together for a dinner party full of art and laughter? Annie Lennox, David Shrigely and her mom, of course.  Sounds like a lot of singing and a lot of side-splitting laughter. Is it too late to RSVP?

Ileana thinks she may have been a squirrel in a past life. Why? We’re not totally sure… but the visual of a squirrel holding a paintbrush definitely has us in a fit of giggles. New card idea, maybe?


Toronto, Canada

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