Behind The Card | Adrienne Hedger

April 12, 2013


Somewhere in Southern California, an elementary school library holds the first check-out-able evidence of Adrienne Hedger's creative career... her second grade illustrated story, "The Marshins." It has a call number and everything. Not-so-successful? Her How-To magazine on getting your little sister in trouble. Her parental and sisterly readership “did not respond well.” But this is easily attributed to poor demographic research. 

Her early success (demographics notwithstanding) didn’t go to her head. She was literally floored when we wanted to test her cards. “I had to get down on the ground and lie on my back.” (Aww, shucks, Adrienne. We had no idea.)

Adrienne has a great love of greeting cards and their time machine-y nature. “Looking at an old card brings you back. They show that someone put effort into remembering you.” She draws inspiration from cartooning greats like Charles Schulz and Gary Larson (among others). And when she isn’t cartooning or playing with her toy collection, Adrienne likes to read, hang out with her family and think about playing tennis. She loves all things outrageous that try to pass themselves off as normal or serious.

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Adrienne has an eclectic collection of random stuff: chicken mask, horse mask, handlebar moustaches, a pair of hander-pants (underwear for your hands…awesome). The list just goes on. They bring her untold joy.


San Clemente, CA

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